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株洲中戈硬質合金有限公司-沖擊器 潛孔鉆具 高爐鉆頭 硬質合金 鉆桿 盾構刀具 合金刀頭 拉伸模具
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  1. 鉆具產品:液壓螺紋鉆頭、潛孔鉆頭、沖擊器、跟管擴孔鉆具、高爐開口鉆具、風鉆頭、金剛石鉆頭、各種盾構刀具;各類截齒和各種農機配件、礦山工具;
  2. 硬質合金制品:硬質合金車銑削刀片、冷鐓冷沖模、拉絲模毛坯和模具,鎢鋼圓棒、板才、長條、輥壓機柱釘、盾構機刀頭、鋸齒、釬片、球齒、密封環、硬質合金粉末原料和鎢制品、以及各種非標異型制品。

Zhuzhou Zhongge Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in manufacturing rock drilling and cemented carbide products with long history.
     The company has two series of main products:
A. Rock drilling tools  ,such us button threaded bits; high, medium and low air pressure DTH bits, hammer; eccentric casing drilling tools, concentric casing system,drilling tools for furnace blasting,a variety of shield tool; all kinds of round shank chisels and a variety of agricultural machinery parts, mining tools .
B. Cemented carbides , such as cemented carbide turning and milling inserts, cold forging dies, carbide drawing nibs and dies, carbide rods, carbide bars ,plates, saw tips, buttons,sealing alloy ring,powders as raw materials and customized tungsten products and so on .
C. Relying on the talent, technology and industrial chain advantages of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide industrial base, the company focuses on the development of cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools. Through years of efforts, refined management and perfect quality assurance system, the company has laid a solid foundation for the development of the company. The company has a professional technical team, which can provide customers with perfect product design scheme, technical support and other services. The company's products have the characteristics of rich varieties, complete specifications and excellent quality, which have won the favor of customers at home and abroad. The product sales have covered many countries and regions all over the world.
 "Changing the world with focus" is our company’s culture, "To be an honest man, to do a steadfastly work" is our operating philosophy. We will continue to provide you with high quality of products and first-class back-up service. Warmly welcome friends from all over of the world to work together for creating a better future.


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電子郵箱: deqiu138@gmail.com


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